Here are some ways you can individually take part in the Great Harvest 2027 Call:

Be a Great Harvest fellow

Become a Great Harvest Fellow that brings healing & reconciliation


Whatever happens to North Korea, the best use of our time currently is to prepare to send workers for the harvest in North Korea (Matthew 9:37-38). We envision “fellows” to be Christians in their 20s and 30s, or young at heart, who have an interest in North Korea and unification issues, and desire to contribute to the future healing and reconciliation of the Korean peninsula.

There are several programs that train Christians with a North Korea focus, and you may want to consider which one may be the best fit for you. 


One of the Fellows programs we highlight here is offered through Reah International, the organization spearheading the Great Harvest 2027 Call. This fellows program is focused on Christians in their 20s and 30s, and is developed out of Reah’s 15+ years of experience in sending people into North Korea. Reah’s training is distinct in its relational and “unity” approach in engaging with the people of North Korea, as well as working with other teams and organizations in this shared endeavor. Furthermore, our past experiences have shaped our training program to produce healthy workers who can be there for the long haul.

Based on Reah’s experience, we realize that one of the main reasons for the attrition of workers is not knowledge, but one’s formation. People give up serving in North Korea, not because of a lack of information about North Korea or projects, or passion for the work, but because they have personal or relational issues with God and others. Life on the field is stressful in many ways, and without the usual supports we have at home, these issues quickly come to the forefront.

Therefore, the Reah Fellows program will focus on four dimensions of personal formation: cultural, personal, relational, and spiritual. Through self-reflection and processing in community, we aim to see greater self-awareness, guided by the Holy Spirit, lead to deeper transformation and integration of knowledge and experience. Cultural formation deals with worldview and cultural issues, both one’s own and the other; personal formation deals with one’s family and community issues; relational formation deals with how one relates to Christians and non-Christians; and spiritual formation deals with one’s relationship with God and His creation.

Along with classroom teaching, there will be strong components of experiential learning in small groups and by participating in the Great Harvest 2027 projects. There will be opportunities to interact with people working directly in North Korea, get exposed to ideas and scholars who are working for unification issues, and access Reah’s global network.

At the end of the program, Reah fellows will have achieved the following objectives:

  • Develop self-awareness in the areas of culture and relationships to adapt to the North Korean environment
  • Connect with key people involved in unification and North Korean engagement
  • Nurture cultural, spiritual, and relational skills to survive in any kind of environment
  • Participate in bringing solutions of peace and reconciliation on the Korean peninsula through various engagement projects and programs
  • Have basic language skills to survive in South Korea and North Korea

For more information about the Fellows Program through Reah International or a partner organization, please email us at [email protected].

Become a mentor, coach, trainer

Become a mentor, coach, or trainer

Do you have a heart and the skills to train, mentor, or coach a fellow or fieldworker?

Through the years, you continue to mature in your Christian faith, have a good amount of life and professional/ministry experience, a listening ear, and a desire to invest in the next generation of believers grow in their faith and live out their God-given callings. Please consider becoming a mentor, coach or trainer to fellows or fieldworkers.

Mentors and coaches may lead a Fellows cohort, or meet regularly with an individual Fellow to work on their personal, spiritual, and professional development. Trainers might use their experience and expertise to teach Fellows during their curriculum phase.   

Join our professional networks

Join our professional networks

Are you a Christian professional with a heart for North Korea?

You are a Christian who desires to integrate their faith, vocation, and heart for North Korea. You might live outside of Korea but are looking for ways to support long-term fieldworkers and fellows with your vocational expertise in addition to prayer and finances. 

Consider joining our Christian Professional Consultants network, where like-minded Christians with a heart for North Korea and in a similar vocational field can gather to discuss, learn from, and brainstorm ways to better serve the field from home. Pair up with another person for peer mentorship, or join a professional network group. You might find yourself using:

  • your business acumen to help businesses overseas
  • your accounting skills to help ministries keep their finances in order
  • your counseling skills to provide seminars or sessions at member care retreats
  • your teaching background to train teachers or develop curricula
  • your medical training to teach seminars for field and local health professionals and follow up with periodic online check-ins  
  • your finance background to raise capital for future projects
  • your technology background to help build IT infrastructure or troubleshoot issues
  • your legal knowledge to consult for ministries and fieldworkers who need legal advice or assistance
The possibilities are endless as you seek the Lord and explore with other Christians who share your passions, and we want to help match you to opportunities to serve the Body and the people of North Korea.  
Other paths to be involved

Is there another path you feel called to?

No limits

These are just some ways we envision individuals answering the Great Harvest 2027 call, but if you sense God is calling you to a different, creative way, please contact us and see how we can help you on this journey!