The Harvest is Plenty

Will You Be Ready?

“Great Harvest 2027” is calling the global Church to get ready for the opening of North Korea.

We believe it is not a question of “if” but “when” — that there will be a time when North Korea will be more open to the world for people to go and work, raise families, and live life there. Great Harvest 2027 is a call to the global Church to collaboratively train the next generation to be communities of healing and reconciliation in the 27 major cities of North Korea by 2027.

Find your role in the Great Harvest 2027 Call here.

Catch the Vision

Learn more about the Great Harvest 2027 Call here. Then, whether you’re an individual or an organization, discover your piece and how it fits into the bigger picture of the Great Harvest.

Catch the Vision — Puzzle piece of bigger picture
Roles for individuals in Great Harvest 2027

Individuals: What Can I Do?

Are you a Christian sensing a call to “do life” and work inside North Korea one day as a Great Harvest Fellow? Are you a seasoned Christian professional interested in being a mentor, coach, consultant, or trainer to fellows or current fieldworkers?

Discover where you might fit.

Partners: How can my Church or organization get involved?

You can oversee it as a steering committee member. You can be a partner in recruitment, training, and finances. You can adopt a city or a fellow.

Church and organization partners
Become part of the Great Harvest 2027 call

Take action

Interested in becoming a fellow? A professional consultant/coach for the fellows? A Great Harvest partnership network member? Sign up here.