Churches & Organizational Partners

How to Partner

First, we encourage you to prayerfully discern if your church’s or organization’s vision, mission and core values are compatible with the Great Harvest 2027. Then, consider the following level of partnership.

Level One

Raise awareness about Great Harvest 2027 within your organization and other organizations within your network.

Mobilize your constituents to participate in monthly United Prayer, Empower Zoom and annual Empower conference or Host prayer meetings and other events to raise awareness, prayer, and funds for the work in North Korea.

Level Two

Donate finances to help offset the operational costs of the Great Harvest 2027. We need people with experience and expertise to help train fellows or provide consultation to fieldworkers. We need funding to secure a site for collaboration and training.

Create opportunities for volunteers, staff or employees in your church / organization / business to participate in the implementation of Great Harvest 2027 goals. For business leaders, host internships, facilitate work exchanges, and/or make allowances for employees to serve short-term on the field.

Level Three

Adopt a Fellow – As fellows commit 1-2 years to that role, they will need sponsors to come alongside them. Your organization can commit to “adopting” 1-2 fellows and provide prayer, financial, and practical support throughout their time of their fellowship.
Sponsor a Fellow’s Practicum – The cost for a Fellow’s 2-6 week practicum in South Korea can cost nearly $5,000 for their airfare, housing, and training expenses. Your organization can cover those costs for the individual so that the preparation is not a burden on the one preparing to go into the Harvest.
Host a Cohort – A Fellows Cohort has 6-8 individuals. Your organization can identify a cohort and provide a venue for the weekly meeting, and/or a facilitator, including (as able) a weekly meal for the group during their gathering. Recruit potential fellows and mentors to participate in local/online Fellows Program cohorts.
Pyongyang, North Korea

Level Four

Adopt a Holistic City Project – Strategically adopt a project in one of the 27 key cities of North Korea and begin praying and preparing for the “Great Harvest” that will surely come. In order to engage and reside in North Korea, everyone must have a platform / project that provides residence visas. As a result, it is imperative that the fellows are part of a project. One of the major distinctives of adopting and planning a project through the Great Harvest 2027 is that we are advocating a collaborative and a unified approach. It won’t be up to an individual, nor one church, nor one organization, but the Korean and global church to create a comprehensive plan that would benefit the whole of North Korea. We are not just interested in a secular city planning, but a holistic planning that would benefit the people and creation according to the Biblical mandate of Ephesians 1:9-10 and John 17:23.