Join the Network of

Vocational Consultants

Are you a Christian who desires to integrate your faith, vocation, and North Korea callings in life?

The Great Harvest 2027 network of vocational consultants is for people to cultivate callings of being and doing, found in the intersection of faith, vocation, and North Korea.

Connect with other Christians who share your desire to integrate and live out their callings and passions.

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This can happen in a variety of ways:
  • Joining the vocational consultants network for prayer, learning, peer mentorship, and opportunities to serve
  • Becoming a mentor to a next generation of leaders
  • Providing consultations for fieldworkers and practitioners
  • Volunteering your time, skills and expertise on the Great Harvest 2027 Task Force
  • Using your vocational skills and expertise to meet direct needs on the field

Consultant Groups

The vocational consultant groups are spaces to grow vocationally and spiritually, where sharing both vocational knowledge and prayer requests is encouraged. Here are some possible examples of how vocational consultant groups can be a space of exploration and integration of one’s callings. We are currently looking for people who are willing to lead and be a part of industry-specific vocational consultant cohorts.

Arts & Media

Create media that raises awareness and deepens understanding about North Korea, the Great Harvest 2027 call. Participate in cultural exchange opportunities.


Train fellows and fieldworkers in the area of business. Develop ideas and projects for viable, sustainable businesses in North Korea.


Learn about the North Korean educational system. Join opportunities for professional exchange and mutual learning. Provide consultation and support for fieldworkers who homeschool


Create a learning group on laws and legal systems in North Korea. Explore legal issues that organizations and practitioners face when working inside


Join teams that need medical/healthcare expertise Teach students or other healthcare professionals through professional exchange opportunities. Provide consultations to medical issues that arise on the field

Mental Health

Train fellows and fieldworkers on relevant mental health issues. Provide counseling services and consultation at field retreats and conferences.


Build virtual infrastructure needed to carry out the Great Harvest 2027 vision. Provide technical assistance to fieldworkers and practitioners, build new tools to facilitate work on the field