Facilitate A Cohort

Collaborate in Equipping a New Generation of Leaders

About the Facilitator

As a seasoned believer, church leader, or cross-cultural worker, you are vital in equipping the next generation that God is calling into the Great Harvest. Your faith and life experience are a rich source of inspiration and wisdom for those who desire to find and fulfill their part in our collective calling to the ends of the earth. Learn more about the Formations Program, the Great Harvest training program and prayerfully consider becoming a facilitator or a mentor. We will provide everything you need including the curriculum, training, and ongoing support. Let us know your interest, and we can guide you in the process of facilitating a cohort of fellows or mentoring a student participating in an online cohort.


A seasoned believer, church leader, or cross-cultural worker who desires to partner in equipping a new generation of leaders.


Facilitate a small group of ideally 3 to 6 and at most 10 individuals.

As a facilitator and a mentor, it’s been blessing to walk alongside one of the fellows. It’s been encouraging and a joy seeing her be challenged, having a deeper understanding of who she is and who God is and growing through the process. In going through this with her, it also challenges me to continue to grow in my faith walk.

- Soo Jung from Korea -