What We Envision

The Benchmarks of Great Harvest 2027

The Path Forward

As we build a bridge between North Korea and the global community, we hope that the following benchmarks will reflect an elevation of North Korea’s global social capital, benefiting not only North Korea but the world. Meanwhile, we prayerfully maintain an open perspective welcoming unconventional opportunities and creative avenues for the fulfillment of our vision.
Develop resources to aid individuals and organizations in understanding, praying, and taking action for the good of North Korea.
Establish an advocacy team to visit conferences, universities, and churches with accurate information on North Korea & GH2027.
Expand the network of existing city prayer teams and online prayer initiatives for North Korea.
Establish a network of organizations & churches to facilitate recruitment & training of those interested in working in North Korea.
Establish a network of professionals to provide consultation in their areas of expertise, including education, urban development, agriculture, medicine, counseling, etc. for fieldworkers and project developers.
Strengthen the network of experienced fieldworkers to facilitate the training & placement of new workers to advance current and new opportunities.
Establish local & online training cohorts for those interested in working in North Korea utilizing the Fellows Program Curriculum.
Provide resources and training for organizations and churches to host training cohorts and mentor potential workers.
Create guidelines and step-by-step process for equipping skilled leaders through the Fellows Program, internships in Korea, coaching, and consultation.
Establish a team to research the 27 SEZ cities in North Korea for foreign investment and development opportunities and work with current field workers to identify viable projects.
Establish a consulting team of professionals and experienced field workers to strategize and operationalize project plans.
Host vision trips & dialogue with appropriate governmental & non-governmental agencies to obtain the proper project approvals.
Facilitate opportunities for the various GH2027 partners and trained Fellows to develop relationships and shared vision for the establishment of diverse teams.
Coach leaders in developing teams with intentional diversity, complementary personalities, and appropriate skill sets for selected projects/communities.
Provide teams with ongoing support before and during assignments in North Korea through vision trips, community living retreats, coaching, counseling, and additional training.

Promote incarnational living among field workers with the prioritization of spiritual/emotional health, relational health & holistic living.
Practice unity in team relationships by bearing one another in love with humility and patience, valuing diversity in unity.
Build relationships of mutual respect with North Koreans that foster collaboration for the well-being and success of every member of the local community