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Are you a Christian in 20s and 30s or young at heart sensing a call to “do life” and work inside North Korea one day? Are you interested in North Korea and unification issues, and desire to contribute to the future healing and reconciliation of the Korean peninsula? Whatever happens to North Korea, the best use of our time currently is to prepare to send workers for the harvest in North Korea.There are several programs that train Christians with a North Korea focus, explore to see if Great Harvest Formations Program is the best fit for you.

2022-2023 Schedule

September to October
Christ-Centered Unity Paradigm
November to Early December

Personal Formation:  focusing on the development of a healthy sense of identity and resiliency through resolving past issues and practicing skills for present and future living

Retreat at Serra Retreat, Malibu, California Fri.Jan 20 – Sun. Jan 22 In a beautiful and contemplative environment, the Fellows and mentors will gather for a weekend of seeking the Lord together focusing on relational and spiritual formations.
February to March

Spiritual Formation: enriching and deepening one’s relationship with God in preparation for the challenges of cross-cultural work

April to May

Relational Formation: learning and practicing skills for healthy community living


Cultural Formation: addressesing worldview and cultural dynamics, both in regard to one’s own culture and that of others

Practicum in Korea
Empower 2023 Conference, Seoul Korea

Vocational Formation: addressing the intersection between faith and career, inviting fellows to identify their place in our collective calling and the practices for realizing this calling within daily living. 

The Formations Program fee may vary year to year, but it is approximately $3,000 which includes the retreat and the practicum in Korea and excludes airfare.

Application Process

Step 1. Find a Cohort

If you are not already connected with a cohort facilitator, contact us for more information about available cohorts.

Step 2. Submit Application

The Formations Program can be completed in one or two year. Your initial commitment is to complete the first of six courses lasting eight weeks each, with the intention of continuing the program thereafter. The exact schedule and pacing of each cohort will be determined by the facilitator.

Step 3. Request recommendation from local church

We believe that the relationship with the local church is essential in the formation, sending, and ongoing support of cross-cultural workers, so we strongly consider the recommendation and support of the local church in students’ participation in the program.